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Best Travel Gadgets of 2014 June 10, 2014

Here at Caribtours we love a gadget, but with so many new innovations vying for your hard earned cash it can be tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff (metal detecting sandals anyone?). Therefore we've done the leg work for you to bring you our six favourite travel tech toys of 2014...

 Micro Suitcase Fd 1

Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter
If you thought the evolution of luggage had reached its zenith with the wheelie suitcase then feast your eyes on this beauty. Combining kickboard, suitcase and trolley in one you can now glide serenely to your gate, safe in a cocoon of your own self satisfaction. The luggage scooter is sized to fit in overhead lockers and is accepted as hand luggage by most airlines. £249.95

Fuel With Ipad

Whilst tablets are undoubtedly a massive boon for the keen traveller, allowing quick and convenient access to films, TV programmes, books, magazines, apps and music in a small slab of technological wizardry, their very flexibility can often be their curse... it's amazing how fast your average iPad can fill up when trying to find enough entertainment for a whole family on a 10 hour flight. The sandwich-sized LaCie FUEL removes any tricky dilemmas about what to exclude by offering 1TB of wireless storage, enough for 500+ movies or thousands of photos, songs, and documents, which can be streamed wirelessly to up to 5 different devices. £139.90


The Mu Folding Smartphone Charger
Like warm beer, driving on the left and an over developed sense of irony, the three pronged plug is a British icon... reassuringly sturdy, with a pleasing weight, it is however not very travel friendly. Enter the folding plug which takes up far less space, is available with European and US adaptors and is ideal for recharging your gadgets when you're off on your travels. £9.99


P5238 Column Grid 12


Stealth Tablet  Envelope
Tablets have become the de rigueur travel accessory of the modern age. However taking one on holiday isn't without its dangers. Not only are they fragile and allergic to sand and water, they can be a magnet to the unscrupulous. The Stealth Tablet Envelope solves these issues, protecting your pricey equipment from bumps and scratches whilst allowing you to fly under the radar by making £400 of cutting edge tech like a tatty old manila envelope. Made from a tear and water proof fabric with a faux silk PU padded interior it can also be customised with your own message.... just add stamps for ultimate realism. Just remember not to post it. £14.99


CGear Sand-Free Tote
Beaches are great. This is a scientifically proven fact. What isn't great is that they insist on getting into all of you belongings meaning you're still finding sand in your things long after you've come home. Well no more; the day of the sand free beach bag has arrived. Using patented technology developed for the military (which all the best technology is) this bag features a material that allows sand through one way but crucially doesn't let it back in again. Isn't technology great! £19.99


Liquid Image Wide Angle Scuba Series HD 1080P Underwater Video Mask
What is better than an underwater camera? An underwater camera mounted on a diving mask... that records full HD video... with crosshairs on the lenses. Short of an Aston Martin fitted with an ejector seat it's hard to think of a better James Bond gadget. Yes it can record video in full 1080p HD and yes it can take 12 megapixel still photos, but did I mention it's got crosshairs on the lenses? What else do you need to know?  £329.99

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At over 60 years old, Half Moon might be getting on a bit, but she still likes to look her best - the Sugar Mill Restaurant and lobby area were refurbished last year and the Oleander section of the resort is now receiving a full makeover.

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