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Top Tips for Traveling Pain-Free June 24, 2015

Lomax NutritionFor those of you jetting off on holidays or those who fly a lot for business, Osteopath at Lomax, Kate Smith, addresses ways to prevent any aches and pains incurred before, during and after traveling.

Before the Flight:

  • Lugging your luggage
    Despite most luggage having wheels these days, it can still cause shoulder problems when dragging it behind you. To avoid this, try not to extend your arm too far back. Hold the suitcase closer to your body with your elbow bent to take pressure off the shoulder.

  • Stay hydrated
    Hydration is extremely important, especially before the flight. Try to drink 2 litres of water within 12 hours prior to traveling. Air conditioning can make you very dehydrated which decreases drainage and can prevent muscles from properly contracting, therefore reducing muscle tone. Increasing water intake before and during your flight will help prevent muscles cramping, improve the strength of muscle contractions and quicken muscle response which will help you to feel less stiff after a long flight.

During the Flight:

  • Sensible snoozing
    Sleeping on a plane is absolutely fine but you must take care of your neck. To make sure you don’t look like a nodding dog (which I'm sure many of us have achieved!), ensure your neck is supported with a U-shaped travel pillow.

  • Keep moving
    During any flight there generally isn't much room to move so our bodies become sedentary. When this happens your blood can’t flow through your body and back to your heart the way it needs to and could possibly cause a dangerous blood clot. To prevent this, make an effort to keep your body moving whether it's in your seat or while waiting for the bathroom – a prime time to stretch and move! 

After Traveling:

  • Collecting luggage
    Lifting luggage can also cause problems, especially when retrieving it from the conveyor belts. Waiting at the baggage carousel is a time when many people seem to become anxious. Has my luggage traveled on the right flight? What happens if I don't recognise it? This might just be my own experience, but collecting luggage usually ends up in an awkward situation that involves swinging a suitcase off the conveyor belt and into someone, endlessly apologising whilst running after a trolley that seems to be rolling off somewhere, only to realise a few moments later that it's not the right case!

    The aim is to remain calm. Find enough space (if possible) to bend your knees and lift. Make sure the trolley isn't going anywhere and do things slowly. Back pain can arise from this activity, including irritating your disc or straining a ligament. Please be aware of your body!


Kate Smith is the in-house Osteopath at Lomax. Email [email protected] or call 08715 120 770 to book an appointment with Kate.

A healthy hub in the heart of Chelsea, Lomax offers the latest in tailored pay-as-you-go fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing.

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